Schools are not only charged with the responsibility of providing instruction in the area of academics, but are also expected to prepare students to be successful in a society governed by rules and moral responsibilities. It is our duty to challenge students with high standards and expectations. A positive approach which emphasizes the benefits of good citizenship is followed at Lakewood.

Each area of the school is organized by expectations based on CHAMPS:
C- Conversation Level
H- Help: How do I get help?
A-activity: What activity am I expected to be completing?
M- Movement: What movement is expected?
P- Participation: How am I expected to participate?

Students spend the first 3 weeks of school learning about and completing activities to explain champs to other students as well as their parents. A school-wide video was created and students are able to view the video at a celebration/ kickoff assembly to begin the “official” CHAMPS program.
Anchors - During the day, while students are participating in the CHAMPS program, they may earn 2 anchors for good behavior. If a student isn't "champing it out" and doesn't earn one or more anchors, a note is sent home to parents.  Students also get to attend special clubs on Fridays when they have earned a percentage of their anchors each week. Students in grades K-1 must earn 6/10 anchors and grades 2-5 must earn 8/10 anchors. As the year has progresses, K-1 will move up to 8/10 anchors. Clubs take place each Friday afternoon and each professional member of the staff creates a club based on next generation standards as well as student interest. Students are allowed to “sign up” for clubs of their choice and early sign ups are offered to students that earn all of their anchors on a regular basis.
During the last month of school, students in grade 2-5 will need to earn 9/10 anchors in order to attend choice clubs.
If a student does not receive the required number of anchors to attend a club of their choice, they will attend the “second chance” club offered by the principal and the counselor. During that club, students watch the CHAMPS video, talk about their infractions, and make a goal for the following week, which is recorded in the CHAMPS notebook. Students in this club also get a followed up visit by the principal and the counselor the following week. Positive post cards are sent to students if they did not have to come to the ‘Second Chance’ club the following week. If a student visits the ‘Second Chance’ club three or more times, a WVEIS form is documented that reflects the student’s behavior.
Parent information sessions were held during open house, weekly memos, and parent communication of repeat offenders by phone throughout the year.
Monthly Rewards- Also during each month we have acquired prizes to give out throughout the school. Each month students are able to earn champs tickets to be entered a larger prize.

Unacceptable behaviors will continue to be acknowledged, monitored and corrected by the staff. Although a variety of strategies are used, our teachers and staff will initiate interventions in order to achieve socially important behavior changes. The positive behavior support is intended to reduce challenging behaviors and teach more appropriate self-disciplined behaviors, resulting in responsible student citizenship.

Each week a reward will be given to students based on the anchors they earn.

Acknowledging these students with a special activity encourages them to achieve their personal goals and reinforces a productive environment for learning to take place.

We ask that you join with us in supporting a positive and encouraging school climate at Lakewood. We realize that it takes home, school and community working together to ensure success for our students.